Webinar about updates in Dynamics 365

by Administrator 12. February 2018 00:57

Hi Guys,

Today I want communicate you that I will start to collaborate in a Webinar about the updates in Dynamics 365, is an existing Webinar that already talk about the updates bu only cover the Financial & Operations applications. I think everyone already knows what will happen I will start to cover the oher applications (Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and all the other services or applications that we have access).

It’s a montly webinar, where we talk about the updates from last month, this webinar will be in english and happens in the first friday of the month.

You can subscribe here. All the webinars are recorded so if you want to see the last Webinars you can check in youtube channel.

This webinar is supported by Recann and for Xabs.

See you

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Thiago Ireland
5/22/2018 4:18:42 AM #

Ola Pedro,

me parece que os links nao estao disponiveis, pode verificar?


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Muito bem casado, Pai babado e um gosto muito grande pela tecnologia.

Tenho um lema "Sharing is Learning"

Mais aqui -> http://www.psazevedo.com

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